The Animal Welfare Alliance is whatever the people in it want it to be. We do not have a set agenda for what we do; whatever issues you want to learn more about, or raise awareness or money for, you can do it through this club. We strive to educate both the UNH campus and community as a whole about the issues involved with the animal welfare movement. We work to promote compassion and awareness regarding a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to factory farming, animal testing, puppy mills, breed specific legislation and more. We also participate in volunteering and coordinate fundraising for local animal shelters and related causes.
Get involved! A few things we do:
*Volunteer and raise money for local animal shelters.
*Animal welfare issues: responsible pet care, puppy mills, fur, circuses, animal testing, dissection, other forms of animal abuse, cruelty prevention.
*Vegetarian/ Vegan information and resources.

We have lots of information and resources in our office, available to share with anyone interested.

We have meetings every week on Wednesday at 8:15 P.M.

Our meeting place changes weekly, but is announced in the emails

Our office is MUB 139